Ubuntu Software & Tools

After some troubles and having enough of Windows, I switched to Ubuntu 14.04 LTS on my Lenovo X1 Carbon (2012 Edition) at the end of January 2015.

This is my collection of software and tools which I am using and which were recommended.

Some of the software I use:

  • KeePass 2 + mono + Firefox Plugin
  • PhpStorm
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP, git, composer, n98-magerun
  • Spotify test version
  • Skype (love the compact design compared to the new Windows version)
  • Radio Mobile with Wine (downloading from external works despite some install notes)
  • Wavemon
  • CompizConfig Settings Manager (ccsm)
  • Zsh

Thanks to my dear twitter followers, I also got the following recommendations:

  • Microsoft Office + Wine (thanks Th3Z0ne). Office 2013 does not work by the way (i tried it and was looking for solutions). Office 2010 should work (did not install it yet).
  • Remmina for SSH (already pre-installed, thanks Sander)
  • terminator (thanks Roman): Great tool. After I got used to it, I prefer it to Remmina. I can recommend this How-To.
  • shutter (Roman)
  • virtualbox + vagrant + nfs sharing (Roman)
  • Meld diff (Sander)

to be continued.

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