MageEngage: Getting to know the Magento community

David Manners started a new series of interviews to find out more about the cool people in the Magento community and what they do in their free time. The aim of MageEngage is to introduce the Magento community to the Magento community. There’s also a post on MageHero with Davids thoughts.

In the first episode he interviewed me about my activities as a volunteer at the Austrian Red Cross ambulance service. Thanks for the interview, David!

Episode 1: Rescue Anna

Summary of the interview:

  • I joined the Austrian Red Cross at the age of 15
  • I started my training as EMT when I was 17 and continued later doing my training as paramedic (not the same level as in the US)
  • A duty (during night or on weekends) lasts between 10-12 hours
  • I go for 1 to 5 duties per month
  • We go for everything you can imagine to call an ambulance for: all kinds of injuries, accidents and cases of internal medicine,…
  • I’m pretty selfless with spending my time

Other things I do at the Austrian Red Cross in Lower Austrian and Herzogenburg which i did not mention in the interview (time is short):

  • Member of the IT & Telecom Emergency Response Unit of the Austrian Red Cross for International Disaster Response
  • Responsible for the local Red Cross youth groups
  • Ambulance driver
  • Red Cross officer within the chain of command

Find out more about MageEngage:

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