Magento CE database diagram

Update: Here’s the new version of a Magento CE 2.1.3 database diagram.

Every now and then someone on the Internet asks for a Magento database diagram, like this question here on MagentoSE.

While there are a lot of cool resources out there (which are unfortunately a bit outdated), I created a new one.

This is the database diagram of a fresh CE installation.

Some statistics (because I love statistics):

  • Magento CE consists of 333 tables
  • 19 tables start with core_*
  • 47 tables start with sales_*
  • 84 tables start with catalog_*

How to read it & find stuff:

  • Catalog is on the very left (big yellow group)
  • Sales is on the very right (big blue group)
  • EAV and Core stuff is in the middle (the brown & orange groups)
  • Customer tables are in the middle/bottom (big green group)
  • The rest (salesrules, logs, reports, newsletter, tags, poll, etc.) is on the bottom

If you like it, go and upvote my answer on MagentoSE 😉

Have fun with it!

Magento CE database diagram

Link: Magento CE database diagram

Feedback on the diagram is welcome. Especially on some lonely tables that I moved to the best of my knowledge and belief into one of the groups.


6 Gedanken zu „Magento CE database diagram

  1. Hallo Anna,

    mit welchem Tool hast du das Datenbankschema erstellt ?
    Hast du das Schema auch in einer größeren Auflösung ?

    Gruß Stephan

  2. Hi,
    Das Datenbankschema habe ich mit DbSchema erstellt. Noch größer hab ich’s leider nicht.
    Liebe Grüße,

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